Acro Service Corp.

Instructions to Review  AcroTrac Records-CMS Approvers of Payrolled employees



1.   Go to the site:


2.   Click on the button “AcroTrac T & E Authorization Center”


3.   This will take you to the login screen.  Enter your UserID and Password. Your permanent system User ID is _____________________ and your temporary system Password is  _______________________.  Click on “login”. For Questions or Problems with login, please contact the CMS Systems Administrator, Mary Sitko at or at 517-788-1461 or Sam Akunuri at Acro Service Corp at or at 734-591-1100 ext. 265.


4. Successful login will take you to the Time and Expense Authorization Center screen. You can then specify the criteria to select the records you want to review.  You can select from several fields- under Employee Name- all the employees for whom you are a Primary or Alternate approver will be included in the drop down box, and you can select them all by choosing Any or you can select a single employee to review.


You can similarly use week ending date, Record Status, or Approver authority to shortlist the records you want to review.  Please note that the default selection for Approver authority is “Primary”-i.e. only those employees for whom you are the primary approver will be selected.  The default selection for Status is “awaiting Approval”.


If you want to view all records for which you are the Primary or Alternate approver, you can leave all of the selections as “ANY” and click on the “Submit” button.


5. The search results will be exhibited.  The status of each record is shown in the status column.  The Record column will indicate if this is a Time or Expense record.  The Approver Authority column will indicate if you are the Primary or the Alternate approver for that record. 


You can view records that have already been Approved or Rejected. Records that are awaiting approval can be reviewed for approval or rejection.  You can also Logout of this screen by clicking the link for Logout. 


6. Next, you will select a record to view or review by clicking the link at the end of the row.

You can then review the record.  For time records, the cost centers (categories) for each entry on the record are listed.  If the employee has entered any comments for this record, those comments will appear in the field for Employee’s comments.  If the time record includes overtime hours, you can redistribute the overtime hours to the cost centers used, if appropriate.


You can enter your comments in the comments box.  If you reject or approve a record, email notifications are sent to the Employee and to Acro Accounting.  The status of the record will change from Submitted to Rejected or Approved.  If you Reject the record, the employee can edit and resubmit the record for approval.  If you approve a record, then its status changes to Approved.  After rejection or approval of a record, you will go a confirmation screen. 


You can then proceed to the next record awaiting approval or return to the selection list by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the screen.  By starting at the first record awaiting approval, and using the “Next record for Approval” button, you can quickly work through the list, without having to go back to the selection list.