Acro Service Corp.

Instructions to Enter Expense Records- Acro Service Corp. Employees


1.      Go to the site:


2.       Click on the button  


3.       This will take you to the login screen.  Enter your UserID and Password. Then select a week-ending date for which you wish to enter time records, from the dropdown box.


4.      Click on


5.      For Questions or Problems with login,please contact Acro XRM Program Manager at Acro Service Corp at or at 734-591-1100 ext. 326.


6.      This will take you to the Employee Center screen. 


NOTE: The first time you access this screen please click on the link “Change my Password” to establish a password of your choice.


Expense Entry


            Click on the “Billable Expense” link on the Employee Center Screen.


Billable Expense Details


The screen is set up for entry of one expense item at a time, with required entries for the date the expense is incurred, the Cost Center the expense is charged to, the expense type, amount fields, and a description for the expense.


            You must enter the date using the calendar icon or by entering the date in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Next you must select a Cost Center from the drop-down menu.  If you have any problems in entering  Cost Centers, please contact Acro XRM Program Manager at Acro Service Corp at or at 734-591-1100 ext. 326


An expense type must be selected. Expense Types are set up in the system and the choices are


·           Mileage

·           Meals/Entertainment

·           Training

·           Other Travel

·          Prepaid Expense

·           Other


If mileage is chosen as the expense type, then you must enter the number of miles and the system will automatically calculate the Amount.  Since the calculation is automatic, you are not allowed to enter the amount field for mileage. You must also enter the details of the trip such as From, To, Who ( i.e. client visited), Why (i.e. reason). 


You can enter the expense description in the description box. For Mileage the description box is optional and it is mandatory for all other types of expenses.


You click on the “Done with this entry” link after entering an expense.  Doing so moves the completed expense entry up, reopens the entry fields for the next expense item, and displays subtotals by expense type and the grand total at the bottom of the screen.  Note also that the expense entry can be deleted if necessary.


You must fill out a separate entry for each one-way trip for Mileage.  There is no limit to the number of entries per record.  The totals for all the expense types and the grand total are automatically calculated in real time. Employee can enter comments in the comments box.


Submitting an Expense Sheet


            After entering all the expenses, the employee can click one of the three buttons-




Clicking “Save As Draft” will save all entries you made, and change the record status to “Saved as Draft”. The next time you access records for this week you can pull up the draft and make additional changes.  If you cancel a previously saved draft, then an alert window stating “the record will be deleted” will be exhibited as is shown. 


            You can then either proceed or cancel.  Clicking “OK” will delete all of the information entered.  The next time you access the records for this week you will again have an opportunity to create a new entry for billable expenses.


When the Submit for Approval button is clicked, a confirmation screen is exhibited. 


You can review the record.  If you want to edit the entry, then click on the “Go Back” button, and make any necessary changes.  If you agree with the entries, then you can click on the “Submit Now” button. A window is displayed that reminds employees that for all non-mileage type expenses, receipts must be received by Accounting before the employee is reimbursed.  This is true even if the expense is approved by the approver.


Clicking on “Submit Now” completes the Billable Expense submission process.    Once submitted, you have the option of printing a copy of the record or going back to the selection list.  Please print copies of your expense entries if you have non-mileage type expenses so that you can give a copy of the record to accounting, along with the receipts. 


The record status changes to “Submitted”.  The submitted billable expense record will also appear in your approver’s list of pending records.