The right talent. At the right time. At the right price.

Acro has 25 offices around the country and delivers staffing solutions in all 50 states. Our extensive list of clients include state and local government entities, public organizations, K-12 and college and university institutions, and nonprofits, as well as small and large Fortune 500 companies. No matter their size, Acro clients attest that Acro exceeds expectations for service, quality, and cost.

“Acro helps us better understand the contract labor market, and with their single point of contact for the entire County, they’ve eliminated the silo approach we used to have and helped us build institutional knowledge. With the success of this new centralized, single point of contact approach, we’re moving most (if not all) of our contract labor personnel ordering, time reporting, and billing to the new online Acro XRM System. This will simplify the management of the program immensely for the County.

“The Acro XRM℠ System aggregates all data related to the contract labor personnel process, and provides the County with extensive real-time data. The XRM℠ System has added a level of transparency to our contract labor personnel population that was never before available to the County’s management.”

-- James Foley, CPPO, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer for Maricopa County

“We are utilizing the temporary staffing contract awarded to Acro through U.S. Communities. Under the Acro contract, pay ranges are established, and markup rates are already negotiated. The markups are less than our previous competitively solicited contract, saving us money, and Acro was willing to reach out to our local vendors to establish contracts with facilities in the local area. For us this was a real win.

“I personally just used their services for the first time, and I was very pleased with the selection of candidates that were submitted.”

-- Jana Vargas, Director of Procurement, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority