The right talent. At the right time. At the right price.

Acro is among the top 50 staffing firms in the U.S. and is a globally recognized provider of labor and talent management solutions. Acro prides itself on being a valuable partner for public entities through its dedication to providing advanced staffing solutions and exceptional client service. Acro provides:

Acro supplies staffing across a wide range of job categories, including administrative, light industrial, IT, skilled professional, skilled labor, technical, medical, and more.

sAcro streamlines processes for you and reduces the costs of managing your talent and labor.

Acro offers all U.S. Communities participating organizations the benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, regardless of your size. A MSP program enables you to access a broad and deep pool of talent through multiple staffing providers, while enjoying the ease and low overhead of interfacing with one singular point of contact. MSP services are typically only possible for large organizations, but Acro is offering this service for all U.S. Communities participants, no matter how small.

Acro understands how important it is to leverage the people in your community. While other providers recruit from far away locations, Acro focuses on your local area and fills most positions utilizing the people near you. In most cases we can also maintain many of the same suppliers you use today, if that is important to you. Only when a position is hard to fill does Acro utilize its national network of talent.

Acro delivers exceptional service and past clients attest: the Acro difference is its people. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that are tailored exactly to what you want.