Considered to be one of the strong pillars of employees’ professional profiles, soft skills have evolved as essential in the hiring of new candidates over time. As per the study by Harvard University, ‘The Future of Jobs’ Early acquisition of soft or interpersonal skills provides 85% of professional success, enabling a strong connection to the emotional and social sphere.

One vital step in the recruitment process is to measure and determine the skills of candidates. According to The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals survey, it is stated that communication skills, dependability, and willingness to learn are at the top of the charts with 89%, 90%, and 88% demand amongst recruiters while hiring new employees. Other in-demand skills include problem-solving skills (85%), Adaptability (85%), Critical thinking (84%), and initiative (84%) which are under scrutiny in the organization by the human resource division.

A consistent compact labor market has endured the recruiters with a popular opinion of reskilling employees for their new roles. Soft skill training is a strategic approach to avoid hindrance and create an effective workforce that results in growth, both at general and personal levels.

Soft skills are the attributes of individual personality that, when combined with professionalism, helps to build a more collaborative and cooperative work ambiance. As the workforce continues to reinvent itself with time, soft skills can turn out to be an edge to ensure the path of success. So, take every chance to use these skills as they can make an enormous difference in your future.