Job Seekers

Careers begin with a dream, whether you are a recent high school/college graduate, or if you decide to change your career midstream.

Recent graduates need career guidance to help them through the competitive world of the job search.  You study hard, graduate, and then look for the right job that will allow you to show what skills you have learned.  You need advice about HOW to start your career path and then take it forward.  You want to realize your dream. 

Sometimes, circumstances dictate a change in your career.  You've been laid off, terminated or just decide to go into a different direction with your career, with or without further schooling.  You still need the right career guidance because you want to know what the appropriate options are with your job search.  Because you still have your dream.

Acro champions these dreams of a productive and fulfilling career. 

We start by meeting with you, to understand your background, experience, skills, interests, and goals. Then we work to give you the proper choices that suit your skill set and fit your lifestyle. Our recruiters are experts in their chosen industry. They know what employers want from the best candidates. We give you everything you need to prepare you for your search, then match you with the right job and with the right employer. More importantly, we help you chart your success in it, once you start work.