Acro Technology Solutions (ATS) division specializes in delivering Acro-managed IT and engineering project solutions. Our clients typically use ATS for their initiatives that can benefit from either outsourced operations or the reduced costs of offshore delivery. ATS projects typically are fixed-price, with deliverables and timelines agreed upon jointly by client and Acro management. We use client-oriented, CMM Level 3-certified, PMI processes for project management, and a well-established onsite-offsite offshore model to ensure quality and client satisfaction…all for an economical price.

Benefits to Customer
ATS delivers predictable results through use of PMI project management processes and high quality deliverables through the use of SEI CMM processes and strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We provide unparalleled attention to detail on all projects to differentiate us from our competitors at an optimized price through an appropriate mix of onshore and offshore resources.

Acro Delivers Results
Acro is a top provider of information technology services to many Fortune 1000 firms. We leverage our industry expertise, ISO processes and relentless dedication to consistently deliver on-time and onbudget IT solutions.