In theory, a fully automated end-to-end procurement process for staffing may seem like a simple task. But the devil is in the details. Different classifications, job descriptions, labor laws, payroll systems, accounting needs. Managing a total workforce is a complicated affair that demands a first-rate process, system and support. Acro is there to deliver. Our managed service programs provide the best implementation, project management, total quality, and supplier management expertise to complement your workforce strategies. Wherever you do business, Acro's MSP programs allow you to compete with maximum efficiency and flexibility. 

Acro’s MSP offering is branded as eXternal Resource Management (XRMSM) Solutions, which consist of a sophisticated, web-based system, called XRMSM System, and tailored management assistance programs, called XRMSM Services, to automate and streamline all processes involved in procuring, managing and administering a client’s external workforce including contracted labor.  Acro has provided MSP services since 1995 and currently manages MSP programs covering all labor categories on behalf of numerous clients in industry and government.

Acro's MSP programs serve some of the nation’s largest companies in industries which include energy, automotive, aerospace, information technology, healthcare and other industries, as well as many state, county and local government entities. We offer these clients a customizable and modular offering that enables them to recognize sustainable cost reduction and process efficiencies in procurement and management of contract labor. Our flexible delivery of MSP services, fully integrates with client processes and systems using onsite and/or offsite program management teams, combined with Acro’s proprietary vendor management system (VMS), the XRMSM System. Acro’s XRMSM Solution provides complete requisitioning control to manage supplier distribution and billing rates while ensuring program compliance.

Working with Fortune 500 firms we leverage our industry expertise, ISO processes and dedication to help companies gain full control of their external services spend. In turn, companies we partner with obtain better pricing and greater value while simplifying and improving the acquisition and management of contingent labor. Acro continually ensures compliance with client policies and government regulations inorder to drive continuous program improvement.