By using Acro resources on a temporary basis, your team can meet the fluctuating manpower requirements of the organization in a cost-effective way.  Typical situations where staff augmentation has proven effective for our clients include:

  • High turnover positions
  • Temporary projects or peak seasonal demands
  • Inability to hire permanent employees
  • Back-fills during a leave of absence
  • Back-fills for employees that have been temporarily reassigned

Contract Staffing and Temporary Staffing 

Acro understands that a contract staffing firm has a huge responsibility to its clients. You count on us to not only maintain a database of exceptional talent, but to advise you on the best candidates for your needs. Our knowledge is your power. Learn more...

Payroll Services

Acro invites you to outsource payroll by placing your pre-identified temporary workers, past employees, retirees, and interns on our payroll.  Acro's payroll services streamline payroll administration, hiring paperwork and other time-consuming back-end processes. Learn more...

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing

Temporary-to-hire staffing gives you the unique option to evaluate an employee on your site before making a final hiring decision―ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture, and day-to-day responsibilities. Learn more...

Managed Service Provider

Our managed service programs provide the best implementation, project management, total quality, and supplier management expertise to complement your workforce strategies. Wherever you do business, Acro's MSP programs allow you to compete with maximum efficiency and flexibility. Learn more...