No initiative can succeed without solid project management.  Through our TeamSourcingSM solution we provide optimum support to clients engaged in product development, maintenance, and service management in IT, Technology, and Engineering. We provide teams of professionals in multiple job classifications with the skills and experience necessary to meet the complete staffing needs of our clients with just one contract.

Acro takes the full responsibility for maintaining and adjusting the required level of consultants during the contract term. We know that the skills and manpower needed during the project or product lifecycle change over time and we're ready. Your success is our success. 

Acro offers a broad array of consultancy services, including: systems analysis; training; process mapping; management of project cost, people, time and quality management, and project integration.

Project-Based Engagements

Acro has a long and successful track record of partnering with clients on projects involving software and hardware design, infrastructure deployments, and business process re-engineering.  We're able to structure these engagements to suit your particular situation--whether you need us to assume total control of a deliverable, partner with an existing project team, or provide project management tools or consulting.  We've packaged our extensive experience in this arena into the methodology outlined below.

Acro's Project Management Methodology

Acro’s project management methodology combines techniques derived from the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge, the International Standards Organization (ISO), and best practices based on nearly two decades of experience with projects involving software and hardware design, industrial engineering, and business process re-engineering.

Acro projects succeed because we’ve addressed all of the common pitfalls, including the biggest—scope definition. Using a proprietary approach known as KeyTransfer, we translate customer expectations into complete and concise technical specifications. This keeps costs low by reducing or eliminating changes during subsequent phases of the project life cycle.

Another advantage of our project management methodology is scalability. A project involving three programmers for six weeks requires a different set of tools and disciplines than one involving fifty design engineers for a year. Using our project scope matrix, we’re able to apply the right level of formality and deliver the right set of work products for the task at hand, which keeps our project teams achievement oriented, regardless of project size.

One facet of project management where Acro excels is communication. We develop a custom-tailored communication plan for each project. And, using our expertise with a variety of software tools (from Microsoft Project to Primavera P3e), we keep all stakeholders informed of project status and provide analysis of variance, trends, and earned value when and where necessary. This way, we’re able to offer options and recommendations that allow our clients to make timely, data-driven decisions about project scope and resources.

In order to obtain the best technical solution possible, Acro establishes a Project Review Board (PRB) for each client project. The PRB consists of one member from Acro’s upper management, and at least two senior engineers with relevant experience. The board provides technical guidance and expertise to the project team, ensures that the project remains on schedule, and verifies that Acro’s methodology is in use at all times.