Acro has a strong commitment to corporate sustainability as the Company believes giving back to the environment, and the community around us, is the ultimate legacy. Given this philosophy Acro is committed to working diligently to enhance and increase its sustainability initiatives year after year. Acro will strive to communicate this philosophy to all business associates - team members, clients and vendors; in an effort to educate and influence each, regarding how they can contribute to the Company’s efforts in this regard.

Paper Consumption Reduction & Recycling
Acro believes in the importance of our environment as one of Earth's most precious resources. Therefore, Acro will continue to place emphasis on what it can do for the planet by saving trees as trees provide not only the paper we use, but the oxygen we breathe! Accordingly, Acro’s paper consumption reduction and recycling program is our first initiative.

Goal: Acro’s goal is to save at least 50 trees in a year's time and then identify a location (e.g. local park or donation to a tree farm) where our team members can plant an equal amount of seedlings. Acro pledges to support this goal, through reminding business associates to be mindful of paper consumption, and will encourage emails instead of printed forms of communication and transition from paper to electronic newsletters. Acro will also purchase recycled paper and offer onsite recycling bins to encourage participation in its recycling program.

Sustaining the Community Through Charitable Giving
Acro also believes that being a responsible member of any community means giving back. We accomplish this by partnering with selected community organizations and offering our time, resources, charitable donations, and even our unique expertise.

Goal: To be more aware of the community around us by highlighting a different charitable organization each month and encouraging our business associates to participate in supporting the organization by donating their time and or supporting donation drives that will benefit the community.

To date, Acro is proud to support the following organizations: